Is Your Study Permit Application Severely Delayed?

The number of study permit application that are severely delayed beyond the average processing times is growing. Some applicants are facing delays beyond one year
and these delays have led to students losing their acceptances, funding for graduate studies and severe disruptions in their academic and life plans. 

If your study permit application is severely beyond the average processing time for similar applications from your country, you may  be able to pursue a Mandamus Application in Federal Court to help speed up the processing of your application. 

Federal Court Mandamus Applications To Speed Up Processing

A Writ of Mandamus or Mandamus Application can be used to pursue an application that is severely delayed in Federal Court and request that the government perform its duty in processing the application.

In cases where your application is complete, you are not responsible for the delay, and the immigration authorities cannot justify the delay in processing your application, a Mandamus Application can be an effective way to follow up your application and speed up processing of your application.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are experiencing a long delay in the processing of your study permit application, far beyond the stated average processing time on the IRCC website, you can contact us to provide a free assessment of your case.  Our lawyers will provide you with an assessment of the strategies for trying to expedite your application and the possibility of pursing a mandamus application in Federal Court. 

Complete our information form and we will be in touch with you immediately to determine how we can assist you with your situation.

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